WikiLeaks Cash-Strapped as Visa and MasterCard Ban Donations. Assange Recruits Spanish Jurist.

WikiLeaks Get Court Victory aganst Visa & MasterCardWikiLeaks said it is close to running out of cash, a problem the site blamed on companies Visa and MasterCard – both of which have forbidden users from donating to the site.

According to their financial representatives, WikiLeaks’ cash reserves have fallen to roughly €100,000

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In the first 6 months of 2012, WikiLeaks has disclosed that it spent €246,600 while collecting donations of just €32,800. Conferring to a two-page financial report released by the German foundation that processes WikiLeaks’ bills, in this first half of 2012 the site spent €20,000 on general and technical “infrastructure,” €104,900 on “campaigns” and “external communications,” €97,700 on logistics, €17,900 on legal advice and €6,100 on direction.

WikiLeaks said it needed to raise “a minimum of €1 million …” in order to “effectively continue its mission.”

The sad thing is – it isn’t that the public do not wish to donate, it’s that options have become increasingly limited due to the strain large financing corporations have intentionally created.

Julian Assange has now recruited the renowned Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzon as he steps up efforts to seek political asylum in South America. I’m reporting from Alicante, Spain this instant and have forwarded requests for comment and/or interviews with Mr Garzon

Garzon is a human rights investigator – he ordered the arrest of Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1998. Garzon has also attempted to investigate the killing of tens of thousands of civilians during the reign of General Francisco Franco who died in 1975.

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