UN Internet Regulation Treaty Begins, ITU Attempts to Tone Down Fears of Internet Governance.

This is a follow up from our previous story: ITU Proposal Could See the UN and Governments in Control of Internet ‘Kill Switch’

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The ITU is trying to suppress the fear that the internet could come under regulation as talks take place in Dubai this week.

Government regulators from 193 countries are involved in the communicative treaty which could see large amounts of control and censorship in the event of security breaches, leaks and “internal affairs”.

The ITU cries there is a need to reflect the “dramatically different” technologies that have become ‘ordinary’ over the past few decades.

Even America’s ambassador to WCIT, Terry Kramer, has said some of the proposals being put forward by other countries are “alarming”.

“There have been proposals that have suggested that the ITU should enter the internet governance business,”

“There have been active recommendations that there be an invasive approach of governments in managing the internet, in managing the content that goes via the internet, what people are looking at, what they’re saying”

“These fundamentally violate everything that we believe in in terms of democracy and opportunities for individuals, and we’re going to vigorously oppose any proposals of that nature.”

(The PDF discussing certain changes can be found HERE)


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