Titanic Curse Continues; Memorial Cruise Turns Back After BBC Journalist Has Heart-Attack

TitanicQueue the Twilight Zone theme tune.

Well if you believe that the Titanic sinking 100 years ago from today was an insurance job or that the Ancient Mummy that was allegedly on board was the unlucky Priestess of Amen-Ra then you will love the latest bit of news one hundred years on.

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A commemorative cruise that set off from Southampton to recount the Titanic’s significant journey has already been delayed by high winds and incredibly rough seas. To top it off, the ship has had to turn back after only 130 miles when a BBC cameraman suffered a heart-attack. The ship turned around to meet a helicopter, which airlifted the cameraman. No further information has been given at this time.

Over a million rose petals will be scattered in respect to the ship – which is considerably one of the most famous vessels of all time – and although James Cameron’s film is set to be the tale everyone thinks of, I highly recommend the 1950 movie “Titanic” as well as the brilliantly accurate “A Night to Remember”.

Strangely, The Titanic Requiem, a work composed by Robin Gibb of Bee gees fame and his son RJ Gibb was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra just a few days ago. It was announced earlier today that Robin Gibb is in ‘gravely ill’ as he lays in a coma.


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  • Titty-Panic on the Titanic

    hehehe and if we need a conspiracy – the ship will sink because James Cameron wants to make another film :) 

  • Markuzzzzz

    Fuck I would be abandoning ship by now

  • Trent

    Nope it’ll be fine, its an unsinkable ship………

    • Christopher Kidwell

      No ship is ‘unsinkable’. Extremely hard to sink, yes. Read some of the other stories about possible insurance fraud and the Titanic actually being the Olympia? You see why the ‘Titanic’ might have sunk.

      I personally find the insurance fraud conspiracy theory the most plausible theory at the moment as to why the ‘Titanic’ sunk.

      • Anon

        LOL nah, he’s referring to the original Titanic which the media called ‘unsinkable’

      • K-King


  • Tom Byron

    I was there, it was an anxious several hours!