• QuickMythril

    to address the points you mention in the book:
    – If you don’t have Jesus in your heart, you go to hell. (this could just be his interpretation of the idea that if you aren’t a good person then you will sort of torment yourself over it in the afterlife.
    – Everybody in heaven has wings, except Jesus. (even a 4 year old can understand the words of a pastor, and this definitely seems influenced by things he heard and pictures seen when he was little)
    – God zaps pastors with power when they preach. (i like this idea, but again a 4 year old may still comprehend a little about being filled with the holy spirit.)
    – Angels have swords to keep demons out of heaven. (also something he would have heard and seen pictures of)
    – Soon there will be a big war between “bad people”, demons and monsters against believers, God and Jesus. Jesus wins and throws Satan into hell.  (again this is a common theme during sermons.)
    so when i first heard about this, i thought, wow he knew about the miscarriage!  but he may have heard them talking about it at a young age.  no way to really verify this.  if he really had an “out-of-body experience”, his mind could have come up with an explanation using ideas he related to best.  his father being a pastor, that would be heaven.  i don’t really see god as a big man in a chair, more like an energy similar to what people call the holy spirit, but some people have to put names to ideas, and faces to names to help them comprehend.  i believe there is more than just the physical plane we know here on earth, but whether or not a spiritual realm is actually “heaven” doesn’t seem like it matters.  everyone interprets things differently.  if you have ever heard of the idea of an astral plane or the akashic records, which is a non-physical location that contains imprints of the energy of everything that has ever happened.  this could explain how he would see people and learn information that he never encountered before.  to me this proves that there is more to this world that what we can see.  i always felt heaven is going to be what you expect it to be like.  if you are a bad person, deep inside you know and maybe you can never forgive yourself for what you have done.  this is what people would experience as hell.

    • Cask J. Thomson

      totally agree!
      Thank you for the comment, in the end it all comes down to the reader of the book

    • http://estrelladorada.tumblr.com/ Giuliana D’Angelo

      People criticize according to what they know. I think if we were on that position (of the father), perhaps our thinking may be different from what we discussed in here. Anyway, we should respect the opinion of others about their faith.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vladlena.nyzhnik Vladlena Nyzhnik

     Frankly speaking, I do not believe in this story. The main reason is that the hero of this  invention is a boy. For sure he wants to become a hero among his friends.

    • Jebuz

      I agree with you, and like the author said – the story is a little far-fetched knowing that the pastor was running a failing church in an agnostic county.
      Bit suspicious

      • Js

        You guys do not beleave becouse you do not know anything about Jesus. Later when you die then you know what is the true.. even you want to get back to life again to say sorry, but that should be to late… :) Jesus loves us, think about that, He want to say that to you… :)

        • QuickMythril

          i know all about jesus (as much as you can without actually having died and seeing what happens), that doesn’t mean i believe any story that i hear without thinking reasonably about it. i don’t want to sound negative. just because someone doesn’t believe this story doesn’t mean they are not christian or they are bad people.

          • sabo

            so if the sister is miscarried, how did he know her or was she named before she was miscarried. i believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

            • http://www.iamcask.me Cask J. Thomson

              Well that all comes down to the reader. If you believe in God then it may of happened, but if you are a dead-set atheist then its a lie.