[SPECIAL SERIES] [The Deep Web] Human Experiments and Groups Dedicated to Subject Research.

part twoAs I covered in my previous story; the ‘deep web’ is a place filled with interesting (or disturbing) content that has to be accessed explicitly by means other than your everyday “type URL – hit enter – view website” routine.

I received notification (from who I recently confirmed was the WordMean editor-in-chief) that a few inquiries had been sent in regards to my claims in that last article. I understand that there are many concerns over my anonymity and potential links to government bodies but let’s just say that I do not work for the government – I used to, but now I am retired and dedicated to hacktivism. The group “Anonymous” is often cited within the media and although anyone can be a member of that group (even though there are no memberships or hierarchies) I advise that many stay weary of their intentions. Remember that if everyone is anonymous then you cannot trust all of them…

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In this part I am going to explain another strange trend that lurks on the deep web. The site in question is titled “The Human Experiment” and like its’ name suggests: It is a playground for experimentation, mutilation and discovery. What does distinguish the group behind the portal is their secret experiments which actually take place in undisclosed areas of the world. The website’s tag line is “Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.”

The summary of the website’s “about us” page details the methods and experiments in which the group specialises in:

“In this website, we attempt to illustrate several experiments that are being conducted by our group on human subjects. The people chosen for this range of experiments are usually homeless people that are unregistered citizens.”

“Experimentations range from:

· starvation and water/fluid restriction

· vivisection/pain tolerances

· infectious diseases and organ effects

· transfusions

· drug trials

· sterilization

· Neonate and infant tolerances to x-rays, heat, and pressure.

Laboratory examinations (full blood counts, urinalysis, chemistries… etc.) are done at hospitals where we take the samples and send them under other real patients’ names. The results are carefully dispersed so as not to arouse suspicion.

The bodies of the dead are dissected and then disposed of in dumpsters of meat shops where their bodies will not be found.

No IRB approval was sought for this secret range of experimentations.
The high command oversees all operations and designates potential targets.
The names of the test subjects will be kept confidential. Only their serial numbers will be displayed.”

In keeping with the alleged group’s details; the team of people who carry out the experiments is made up of 3 nurses, 6 medical students, 2 medical interns, and 3 medical residents.

Experiments are allegedly conducted in “spare time if [they] have any”.

According to the group’s apparent head-of-staff; The secret warehouses that the experiments are carried out in are left unguarded and the test subjects are confined to their cells unless they are being used in an experiment.

The website describes the living conditions with “Food and water are provided as indicated.” and goes on to state that “Nutritional status is usually irrelevant as none of the test subjects survive long enough, except the pregnant women.”

The groups pages appear to be abandoned as of 2011 but the experiments listed are:

“Subject 4432:
17 year old female,
No known past medical/surgical history. G3P0A2.
Impregnated by subject 0521 (now deceased).
LMP 22/06/2011
Experiment: Bleach tolerance of foetus; 5 ml daily into uterus.
No abortion induced yet.

Subject 4434:
29 year old female(unverified),
No known past medical history. G1P0A0.
Impregnated by subject 0521 (now deceased).
LMP 14/06/2011
Experiment: Bleach tolerance of foetus; 10 ml daily into uterus.
Foetus aborted on day 5 of experiment (13/07/11)

Subject 4451:
20 year old female,
No known past medical history. Had appendectomy 2 years ago. G2P1A0.
Impregnated by artificial insemination.
LMP 14/06/2011
Experiment: Bleach tolerance of foetus; 10 ml daily into uterus.
Foetus aborted on day 5 of experiment (13/07/11)”

As of the website’s last update –  there are apparently 4 warehouses that the group has access to. Supposedly these warehouses are where the subjects are kept and experiments are done.

According to the group warehouse 1 contains females older than 16 who are experimented on in relations to controversial study such as sterility and pregnancy. The experiments that are said to take place include both the pregnant women and their unborn. The females are voluntarily impregnated by artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, or direct sexual penetration from other test subjects.

Warehouse 2 is said to be designated for mothers and their growing children. Apparently the main subject of interest is the children, not the mothers. According to the group when the child is of no use (perhaps deceased or damaged even?) the mothers are transferred to the first warehouse for impregnation or experimentation again. One could guess the cycle continues.

The two other warehouses aren’t exactly detailed – supposedly the third one is for men and women and the fourth one is “under construction”.

When looking into “The Human Experiment” for the first time in 2011, all I could think of was the Nazi Experimentalists who dissected their patients alive – usually without the use of anesthetic – especially Josef Mengele who master-minded the abuse and subject research on a variety of adults and children obtained by the Nazi extremists.

In no way do I believe the ‘research’ conducted is justifiable, it certainly outlines some forms of Human Subject Rights, namely the following:

  • Voluntary, informed consent.
  • Respect for persons: treated as autonomous agents.
  • Protection of privacy and well-being.

This obviously wouldn’t apply to the children that the group claims to experiment on. It’s a very grey area and a storyline that could have come straight out of the cinema.

Like many areas of the deep web – this could be a real-deal organisation/group or it could be a phony attempt to shock people. Regardless, you cannot substantiate what is really happening on this planet.

About Author

Online Investigator [Name Withheld]

Online Investigator [Name Withheld]

This author chooses to remain anonymous for many reasons. He is an ex-employee of the United Kingdom's CCCS (The Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security) and has spent over 20 years battling the distribution and liabilities of many difficult subjects including online drug trafficking and child pornography distribution. The author's accreditation, qualifications and previous work experience has been verified personally by the website's administrators. We obviously cannot convince you to believe his words - but there's no doubt that they are fascinating.

  • http://twitter.com/EileenOrmsby All Things Vice

    Hi, I delved into the Human Experiment site for my article The New Underbelly (http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/the-new-underbelly-20120531-1zktt.html). It is certainly a hoax.

    • Davout

      That link’s a 404
      …also, you write for smh so not interested

    • BrazillianFeva!

      and by the comments on that site, I agree that you’re piece was a trashy attempt at scaring people into supporting net censorship

      • http://twitter.com/EileenOrmsby All Things Vice
        • BrazillianFeva!

          Another boring article. Stop spamming. You’re on the wrong website with your views

          • http://twitter.com/EileenOrmsby All Things Vice

            lol @ people who don’t like to be proven wrong :P

            • BrazillianFeva!

              lol @ people who try and prove everyone wrong. The author gave no proof that it IS real and you gave no proof that it ISNT so i guess yall need to make your own mind up. after all, its alkways down to the reader isnt it?

              • http://twitter.com/EileenOrmsby All Things Vice

                Talkin’ bout you hon. You accused me of being pro-net censorship and I pointed you to an article I wrote for a national paper that is completely AGAINST any net surveillance.

                As for the author, I’m just a little surprised he did not present any of the arguments available on the Intel and Torchan sites on the darkweb that have pretty much debunked this site, that’s all.

                • BrazillianFeva!

                  Okay, apologies. Let’s play nicely. Have you considered providing some screenshots to prove that it has been debunked?

                  • http://twitter.com/EileenOrmsby All Things Vice

                    Well, first, you can’t prove something doesn’t exist. I can’t prove pink unicorns don’t exist, but a website saying they do certainly isn’t going to make me wonder whether they’re out there.

                    As for the site in question, the arguments basically went:

                    1. The site has been made in very basic blog software. It hasn’t been updated since just after it was created, in July 2011.

                    2. The entire thing is riddled with grammar and spelling errors and errors in medical terminology. It is written in a very childish way. It most certainly was not written by a medical professional with a university education as the site claims all participants to be.

                    3. The ‘freezing’ experiments are a direct copy of those you can find on the Wikipedia page for Nazi experiments, with the numbers rejigged slightly.

                    4. The other experiments (injecting bleach into a foetus) have no medical or research value at all. Compare this with the Nazi experiments which, whilst vile, did have such value. As the professionals arguing this page were saying: there’s far more interesting things you could do in such an environment.

                    Of course it’s possible that there are mad scientists out there conducting experiments on homeless people, but… Occam’s Razor, my friend.

                    • BrazillianFeva!

                      I see your point. I mean, many things can be argued – such as the grammar and spelling being due to foreign writers and so on, but as you say – I can’t prove unicorns exist/don’t exist and so either way people believe what they choose to – it’s the religious debate all over again.

                    • http://twitter.com/EileenOrmsby All Things Vice

                      Cheers. Sorry if my initial posts came across as hostile.

                    • JustinBieber…lol

                      You all have valid points, but the important thing is that the author doesn’t stray from neutrality – the words “suspected” and “allegedly” are use very loosely and appropriately :)


                    • serge

                      i love how you guys made up in the end
                      and i enjoyed both of your articles

                    • Carl Richardson

                      wanna see a real red room?

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