Schools and Childcare Centres Against Blowing Out Candles

truethatFollowing on from a story we published a little while ago titled “Are People These Days TOO clean?”, the regulatory health board has issued some new standards.

Children will be forbidden from blowing out candles on birthday cakes under strict new hygiene rules for childcare.

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Doctors are already claiming that the latest National Health and Medical Research Council are essentially “bubble-wrapping kids”

Child care staff will now have to wash toys, doorknobs, and floors and cushion covers at the end of every day and advise that children who want to blow out a candle on their birthday should bring their very own cupcake to isolate any possible germs.

"To prevent the spread of germs when the child blows out the candles, parents should either provide a separate cupcake, with a candle if they wish, for the birthday child and (either) enough cupcakes for all the other children … (or) a large cake that can be cut and shared."

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