Robert Bales Sentenced to Life for 2012 Afghan Massacre

BalesRobert Bales, the 40-year-old US army sergeant who murdered 16 Afghan villagers in a rage in March 2012 has been sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole.

Although sentenced to life without parole, Bales could attempt to seek clemency after serving 20 years of his sentence.

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The six-membered panel delivered the verdict after no more two hours of considerations following the traumatic five-day hearing.

Survivors of the soldier’s massacre were present in the court-room. The prosecution showed explicit photos of Bales’ victims including an elderly lady who was the soldier’s last victim.

Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Morse claimed that 48 children were directly impacted by Sergeant Bales’ actions. They were murdered, injured, traumatised by witnessing the rampage or left fatherless according to Morse.

Joseph Morse continued expressing disgust over the elderly lady Bales murdered stating the disgraced soldier had “stomped on her head with such force that the next morning when her nephew tried to move her, her eyeballs fell out of her head,”


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