Parent Shames Daughter, 12, Online for Posting Images of Her Posing With Alcohol


“Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should + should not post. Bye-bye.”

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Texas mother ReShonda Tate Billingsley forced her 12 year old to post this image to Facebook and Instagram after she found out that the daughter uploaded a photograph of herself with an unopened semi-empty bottle of vodka in her hand.

The overly-protective ‘she took it too far’ types can hate all they want, but I personally think this is a triumph for her mother. A simple, yet effective punishment.

Ms. Billingsley said she had told her daughter to be careful with what she posted on the internet claiming it was “still a problem because the photo might send the wrong message to a future employer or be attractive to a predator.”

“I felt I needed to hit her where it hurt most…If she is ever allowed back on social media, she’ll definitely think twice about anything she posts,”

Whilst some family groups are criticizing Ms. Billingsley for this ordeal, I applaud this action.

Family Care Groups in America have frowned on the punishment claiming it could lead to a much more serious emotional damage due to the embarrassment factor – with one extremist even claiming that this could provoke a suicide attempt – the situation has opened the eyes of many who agree with this ‘think before you post or face embarrassment’ method of teaching a young girl (or any child for that matter) the consequences of sending visually appealing messages to sexual predators or, really, any unwanted attention.

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  • Ray Atkinson

    You’ve got to be kidding me! That “could lead to a much more serious emotional damage due to the embarrassment factor?” No, a 14 year old getting drunk because her mother didn’t stop it 2 years ago is embarrassing to both the child and the parent. Parents do not want to parent anymore, and here is one who does and getting flak for it.

    • Mark0

      So true.
      Hell, if that can cause emotional damage, then why don’t we just let these kids get away with EVERYTHING and ignore parenting once and for all – at least then we wont be blamed for what our children do. Honestly, this world has gone down the toilet

  • Eric Anderson

    I see that mom had no problem with her 12 year old daughter being ON facebook when FB’s TOU clearly states users must be 13.

    Way to parent!

    • Mary Jean

      Her Mom obviously monitored what she did. I know a few people who have 12 year olds on FB, but they are limited to their known friends from school. Not much difference between age 12 and age 13 if the parent cares enough to teach. Obviously this Mom does.

  • Mike Lemire

    public shaming is not something I’d do as a parent.

  • Mary Jean

    I think that young girl will smile about it when she gets older, and thank her Mom. I learned lessons this way when I was young, and I turned out just fine. I’m 62 with a healthy self esteem. Way to go Mom!

  • jazz

    lol you gotta be kidding i’m 16….and I see nothing wrong with that punishment at all, people who are saying that the punishment is “embarassing” had the girls teachers or any other adult seen that picture that could’ve been extremely embarassing as a parent to the mom…this girl is lucky lol i would’ve gotten my ass beat ! 12 yr old with alcohol…hopefully she wasn’t drinking it its more than the whole “image” thats not safe at all so had her or her peers tried that it couldve honestly ended out pretty bad. S/O to the mom ! Good parenting, probably opened up other parents’ eyes to what their children are doing on social networks !

    • care1

      you’re wise and mature then – much wiser than the 30 year olds who think this is cruelty

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