WordswithMeaning! has one major mission  – to help build an uncensored, non-corporate and alternative trustworthy media source. We do not operate the site with profit in mind, and whilst we try reaching as many people as we can, we rely on help from our contributors, advertisers (Google Adsense and Amazon) and most importantly – OUR READERS.

Unlike many media outlets, we are based primarily online with mostly written content to provide. We make available documents, releases, leaks and further informational documents with our Disclosure Vault and count on people to share the messages and documents found.

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Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Spread the Word — Just because WordMean!already has a favorable group of readers doesn’t mean people are aware of the site. There are a number of ways for individuals and groups to spread the word.
    • Share Disclosure Vault Files — the files are lightly watermarked, and so sharing via Torrents or hosting them on your own site (or linking to them) is heavily respected.
    • Resources — We’ve put together a number of materials you can download to help bring WordswithMeaning! to attention. Anything from banner ads for your website, printable assets and infographs/campaign posters.
  • Write for usWordswithMeaning! Put’s it’s faith in the support of its – at this time – few contributors.  You can write for us from your own home.
  • Donate WordswithMeaning! puts profit last on the agenda – although the organization is unlikely to gain “nonprofit” status, we don’t have a greedy nature to achieve. We are transparent about what happens to any money we make, and so you’re very free to ask for details. You can Donate (please contact us) or Purchase Merchandise. — SEE THE FULL SUPPORT US PAGE HERE
  • Send a Story Idea — A lot of of captivating news stories come from those who got to the source before we did, and so if you don’t want to write for us, you can suggest stories or give us little tip-offs. We also have a dedicated secure channel using PGP for the sensitive information you may wish to send.
  • Comment — Every article on WordswithMeaning! is open to comments, no single post has had its comments section closes, and so you are free to express your Words with Meaning!