ContributorsHow do I post a story?

Once you have your account, you can click on the “Posts > Add New” button. You will be in the story creation page where you can write (or paste) your story in. Remember to add an image and to check the categories to the right. (tick all that apply).

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Images can be added with the “Image” button — you will need to follow the process to upload an image to our server.

Click the submit button at the bottom of the page and wait about 30 seconds for the process to complete. ALL articles have to be approved first, so an editor will decide if it’s good enough, before it is actually available to the public.

Every author starts out as a “contributor” until we deem you reliable enough to be an editor. Contributors are moderated before publication, editors are not.

What kind of stories can I post at WordswithMeaning!?

We publish almost any story by almost anybody, as long as it’s along the lines of news, commentary, analysis or opinion. The other condition is that the stories can’t be commercially motivated in the news area. Don’t sell things or promote your website within the post. That always results in the post being rejected.

The story has to be factually true, well written, and thoughtful and remember you are aiming to target an audience of many open-minded readers.

What kinds of contributors are you looking for?

A little passion goes a long way. We don’t care about qualifications or experience; we care about well-written and intelligent writers. We work alongside whistle-blowers and freedom fighters, so we try and keep the content boundary-less.

I already have a website or a blog. Do I have any benefits for my own site?

You have an author’s bio profile which can include a link to a personal blog or website, but please keep any content on WordswithMeaning! original.

WordMean is often featured on Google News and so your website can gain a high amount of traffic should your post be included.


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