North Korean Nuclear Test Causes Man-Made Earthquake: Cutting Through the Propaganda and Condemnations.

AREANews and apprehension has come in after the confirmation that on 12 February 2013, North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test. Whilst many (including ourselves) often cite these reports as excuses to secure political condemnations against North Korea, it has been verified that a tremor of up to a magnitude of 5.1 was detected.

As expected, the event has received virtually universal condemnation from global leaders.

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According to Korean state media, the North Korean government gave 14 hours’ notice to the US, Russia and China. These countries have yet to verify the claims.

North Korea’s news outlets have called out Western media claiming the NK government have been “conducting a nuclear test [that] reflected the wishes of the people.”

The message boards on the Korean media’s English-language area has featured many comments supporting the North Korean nuclear tests; bearing in mind that the disclaimer on the website regarding the publication of comments would lead one to assume that only those in favour of the tests are published:


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  • Gong Foozee

    Just a few decades late, little Derp Peoples Republic of Korea..