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April 23, 2014


Several World Nations Begin Multistakeholder Meeting on Future of Internet -

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[WEIRDMEAN] 1518 Dancing Plague: Where Hundreds Danced to Their Deaths -

Friday, April 18, 2014

LIVE ONGOING COVERAGE: The Desperate Search for MH370 -

Monday, April 7, 2014

Earthquake Killing and Injuring Several Off North Chile Triggers Tsunami Alert. -

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MH370: As Misinformation Grows, Malaysian Government Considering Action Against ‘Manufactured Reports’ -

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Parallel Universe Discovered and Confirmed With Science! War Imminent -

Monday, March 31, 2014

Japan’s Whaling Is Commercial and Not Scientific; International Court of Justice Rules -

Monday, March 31, 2014

What’s Behind the West and Their Anti-Russia Rhetoric Over Crimea? Oil, Power and Greed. -

Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 Dead After Small Plane Crashes in Australia -

Saturday, March 22, 2014

MH370: Maritime Authority Begins Searching Off of Perth After Satellite Shows ‘Debris-like’ Objects -

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church Dead -

Monday, March 17, 2014

US Threatens Russia With "a Very Serious Series of Steps" -

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Search for MH370 Boeing 777 Continues as Satellite Imagery Discovers Potential Wreckage -

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Vomits as Court Hears Detailed Autopsy of Shot Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp -

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mysterious Disappearance of Malaysian Plane Becoming More Complicated -

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lengthy and Agonising Search for Vanished Malaysian 777 Plane Continues. Long Oil Slick Discovered. -

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and the United States of America: Here’s What’s Going On. -

Friday, March 7, 2014

Schapelle Corby’s Parole May Be Revoked After “Profiting” From Conviction. -

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Conservatives Get Angry as Comedic Rock Band ‘GWAR’ Decapitate Tony Abbott Effigy -

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[WORLD in PICTURES] the Extravagance of Viktor Yanukovych’s Mansion Shocks Ukraine -

Monday, February 24, 2014

Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and the United States of America: Here’s What’s Going On.


Crimea’s parliament has voted to join Russia in a dramatic escalation of the crisis over the Ukrainian region that has drawn serious condemnation from the US, UK and other Western countries with their interests. The US has now ordered sanctions on those responsible for Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine, including bans on travel to the United States and freezing of their U.S. assets. Here’s what we know has happened so far in the Ukraine-Russia-US debacle: Crimea’s parliament has voted to join Russia in a dramatic escalation of the crisis over the Ukrainian region that has drawn serious condemnation from the…

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Nelson Mandela Dead; Was Mandela a Terrorist?


As Nelson Mandela approached his final moments; the debate of hero or terrorist was once again sparked with various facts, misinformation and justifications. Simply put – Mandela was a hero to many but some allege his actions were less than heroic. Nelson Mandela served 27 years of a life sentence in prisons including the infamous Robben Island for disruption and machination against the South African Apartheid regime. He was released in 1990 and was elected the first black president of South Africa four years later in what would be known as the country’s first free and fair elections. Those two…

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The Media Circus Surrounding the Oscar Pistorius Allegations.


Whilst this may sound rich coming from a website that published trivial details based on the alleged murderer and rapist Adrian Bayley, Paralympian Oscar Pistorius’ alleged shooting of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has held him the victim of what is best described as a media circus. Whilst I wouldn’t say that this should be preventable or prohibited – as the way of the world and technology has brought us to this – the one-sided arguments spread across the mainstream media has given the impression that no man is innocent until proven guilty. Soon, that is likely to be a term disproven…

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France Deploys Tanks and Soldiers to Mali. “No Choice but to Go to War”: Anti-Terror Judge


A cavalcade of French tanks has been deployed to Mali after an on-going offensive to retake the region from Islamist rebels. It has been confirmed that France will also increase their presence of soldiers to around 2500 by the end of the month. French President François Hollande said that France’s intervention in the insecure West African country would ensure that terrorists would be stopped from controlling the country. Thousands of French nationals live in Mali. France’s highest anti-terrorist magistrate, Marc Trévidic, has cautioned that Islamist-controlled Mali is a security threat against France, citing that they “don’t have any choice but…

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[SPECIAL REPORT] Gaddafi: Friend or Fiend? | Part I of II – Gaddafi the Friend

friend or fiend

20th October 2011 – 1 year after Gaddafi was killed.   Whilst there are hundreds with mixed feelings relating to the late Muammar Gaddafi – some who say he was a rapturously benevolent dictator and others arguing that he was the victim of a foul scheme painted by the West – many facts bring a controversial and decisive plot for Pro-Gaddafi fighters, Libya and the Western world as a whole. For the first of two parts in our “Gaddafi: Friend or Fiend?” series we are going to focus on what the (purportedly) heroic side of the Libyan leader involved. The…

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Global Protests Caused by Anti-Islam Clip “Innocence of Muslims” (Watch It Here!)


Featuring Photos of the Australian Riots and the video itself. There’s a reason that I’m going to cover a story that was news a few days ago and that’s because when it comes to freedom of speech and a religion that strays from everyday standards of the country it has been brought to; you need to meditate and reflect on the facts and mixed emotions before you conclude with your opinion. So what happened during this protest? (Demonstratively #SydneyRiots on Twitter) The Australian public was confounded by unpardonably vicious action, with police even having to resort to pointing capsicum spray…

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Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Desmond Tutu Calls on Former Leaders Tony Blair and George W. Bush to Face International Court as War Criminals.


Just after he refused to participate in a leadership event in South Africa due to the former UK PM’s presence, Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called for Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush to be tried at an international court. In an article printed in the British paper Observer, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient wrote that both Blair and Bush had knowingly committed crimes of aggression when they launched an invasion against Iraq in 2003. “Those responsible should be treading the same path as some of their African and Asian peers who have been made to answer for…

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Kony2012: Frizzled Out With No Significant Progress

Kony 2 caras[4]

It’s been a while since we at WordMean have criticized the now almost practically forgotten Kony2012 campaign that set social media and praise – soon followed by criticism – to the project by Invisible Children but to revisit and reassess the situation – or perhaps even consider that Kony2012 may indeed become Kony2013 is vital. It was a few days after the Kony2012 video went viral that we began the STOPSTOPKONY campaign which simply encouraged people to think and understand the true complexity of capturing a war lord and once co-founder Jason Russell was caught masturbating in public, So what…

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Asylum Seekers in Australia: How the Inhumane Refugee Processing System and Lack of Contribution Shames the Nation.


An issue that has been plaguing Australian politicians for the past few years is the crisis asylum seeker boats making their way to Australia (usually from Indonesia). The tragedy is that several boats don’t make it – with countless asylum seekers colliding into Christmas Island or other dangerous surroundings, causing hundreds to drown or freeze to death in the harshest of waters. A short time ago I published a story explaining the unfair lengths that many are experiencing to receive their Australian residency. These “genuine” applicants have usually been working full time in Australia for more than 5 years and…

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[SPECIAL REPORT] an in-Depth Response to Kony 2012 and the Reasons the West Is Supporting War, Not Humanitarianism


See the WordswithMeaning! STOPSTOPKONY.COM campaign for further details on how you can help. We have covered the case to death, the media has hammered on about it for long enough and we have still been against the Invisible Children campaigns to Stop Kony – Now, after extensive researching and consideration of all aspects – we will get into this KONY 2012 thing properly.   Invisible Children says it hopes the video will “raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.” The operation, which jumped from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to the front page of newspapers across…

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