Mother Charged for Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Son

455192-mumA 32 year old mother has been charged with incest upon the release of homemade sex-tapes featuring her 16 year old son.

It’s told that the 16-year-old had videos on his mobile phone of his mother Mistie Atkinson giving him oral sex whilst in her underwear. Police claim another video was of the two having intercourse. The time coded videos were dated February 3rd and 4th 2012

They correspondingly recovered ‘nudes’ that were sent from her phone to the son.

The boy resides with his father who has sole custody, with the father claiming “he was very aware Atkinson is his biological mother.”


In an investigators affidavit, it is stated that the mother and son both knew they were blood-related long before the sexual relationship began.

Police were delivering an unrelated warrant at motel rooms in Ukiah, California on March 2nd when they discovered the two in bed together.

She was charged with incest, sexual intercourse with a minor, contact with a minor for a sexual offense and sending harmful matter to a minor.

According to court documents, she purportedly exchanged sexually explicit messages with the youth and they talked about running away together.

Today, Atkinson is being held in on bail of $200,000 with the father of the boy successfully requesting a restraining order against Atkinson.

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    Who’s at fault? Isn’t 16 old enough to know EXACTLY what you’re doing