Mainstream Media and Researchers Link Heavy Music With Troubled Kids Yet Again.


Well – should we even be surprised that News Corp affiliated research institutes have cropped up with the claims that music – in this case, Metal takes the blame again – can have a severe effect on a teenager’s behaviour?

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In an article named “How a teen’s iPod can tell you if they will be trouble” the assumption made from a hardly-conclusive 309-teen survey is that those who listen to the heavy stuff are more likely to be troublesome teens. (And of course, the headline using the term ‘iPod’ instead of ‘portable music player’ is evidence enough of the conformity)

According to this decisive bullshit survey, the rate of teenagers in concern for violence, shoplifting and vandalism is ‘startling’ whilst those who listen to pop music aren’t as difficult.

Yes, because I’ve never turned the radio on, heard Niki Minaj and One Direction only to resort to punching a hole through the fucking window after learning that society considers them the “most talented” since The Beatles.

Once again it’s the video games, the movies and the music that causes troubled teens – and never the parents or the types of people the teens coexist with.


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