Intel to Embed Future Processors in Motherboard? Soldered CPUs Could Be the Death of the Socket.

Intel CPUIs Intel planning on killing the user-customisable motherboard? With the announcement of the Intel “Broadwell”, one could predict that the answer is yes.

According to allegedly leaked information regarding the 14nm Broadwell CPU; the future of Intel processors will no longer be on an independent scale, with processors already mounted using BGA – effectively, the CPUs would be soldered into the motherboard.

Whilst chances are a damaged CPU will also damage the motherboard, the variations consumers have when it comes to CPU/Motherboard purchases is a very serious preference and one that should always be taken into account if you plan on upgrading the CPU or Motherboard within the future. Many people realise their CPU is brilliant but there motherboard is bottlenecking the computer and so they opt for another board – something that may become a thing of the past.

CaptureIntel have already begun rolling out the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) barebones kits with permanently integrated processors and if they really are planning on limiting the desktop market with non-user-customisable MB/CPU configurations then it will be interesting to see if AMD follows suit. Would this essentially end the CPU socket?

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  • James Osgerby

    Hmm I really doubt that they’d so gratuitously get rid of the concept of sockets entirely. Replacing parts would be hellishly expensive, and it would remove a lot of the modularity and customization that enthusiasts (and others) have enjoyed for quite a while…

    • Joseph

      I think that’s the plan, man.

      • Joseph

        I hope to god you’re right though.

      • Scheweeeet

        from a business perspective, imagine you were the head honcho of Intel – you’d know that no matter what, people would still eat out of your hand. It would make sense (again, business-wise) to force users into losing the ability to pick their own mobo and plus it would allow Intel to refer all of their warranty checks onto the motherboard manufacturers.

        I think Intel are well aware that people won’t move to AMD over this because people tend to just “trust in” a company and go wherever they are told.

    • FooFighter

      I agree, but sadly I think that the industry is pushing towards the consumer rather than the enthusiast. If there’s ever been a “difficult” part of computer building it has always been the whole heatsink/thermalpaste/cpu issue and if you play with Windows 8 long enough you will realize dat this is the way they want the market to go…..