• http://twitter.com/coldnessovgrave James Osgerby

    Hmm I really doubt that they’d so gratuitously get rid of the concept of sockets entirely. Replacing parts would be hellishly expensive, and it would remove a lot of the modularity and customization that enthusiasts (and others) have enjoyed for quite a while…

    • Joseph

      I think that’s the plan, man.

      • Joseph

        I hope to god you’re right though.

      • Scheweeeet

        from a business perspective, imagine you were the head honcho of Intel – you’d know that no matter what, people would still eat out of your hand. It would make sense (again, business-wise) to force users into losing the ability to pick their own mobo and plus it would allow Intel to refer all of their warranty checks onto the motherboard manufacturers.

        I think Intel are well aware that people won’t move to AMD over this because people tend to just “trust in” a company and go wherever they are told.

    • FooFighter

      I agree, but sadly I think that the industry is pushing towards the consumer rather than the enthusiast. If there’s ever been a “difficult” part of computer building it has always been the whole heatsink/thermalpaste/cpu issue and if you play with Windows 8 long enough you will realize dat this is the way they want the market to go…..

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