• Liz727

    What a sad end to a promising young life and a lesson to us all. Jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins for good reason. So much abuse and so many suicides among the young on social media sites because of it. Sorry to the family to lose their child in this dreadful way.

  • Decio Rocha

    I hope the Justice of Australia review this case and punish with death penalty or perpetuates crimes like this, and if this Robertson never be set at liberty by offering real danger to all people.
    Decio Rocha, lawyer, Brazil.

  • gwen

    You realize this is almost a word-for-word reprint, under a different author, of a November 2000 article. Found here: http://www.fact.on.ca/news/news0011/th001130.htm

    • DaveyDave

      It’s similar, but it’s not a rip off but I get what you mean

    • BrazillianFeva!

      there’s not much further a story like this could go but that was 13 years ago. follows same format but not exactly plagiarism

  • Barbara

    I hope the Policemen who were initially involved changed their way of thinking. I have never seen a police department try so hard to not be involved with a missing child. This is such a sad story. And it makes me wonder why Caroling was not institutionalized. Clearly she needed more help than what she was getting. Does anyone know when Caroling is to be released? I know it is this year, but what month?

    • Chillin

      Supposedly September

    • Rachel

      August of 2013

      • Derek

        November now

  • BullShooter

    Wow. That just goes to show what good parenting could prevent; had her father reached out a hand to help his daughter like he should have, then Caroline may have been able to be persuaded away from murdering Rachel.

  • Diane LIndsey

    It is so strange how people can have a child with that many problems and not realize they are a ticking time bomb. So much denial .. that is so sad. really sad.. Robertson clearly does not need to be freed into society. not a chance.OMG

  • guest

    killer, Caroline Reed Robertson, received a total effective prison
    sentence of 20 years and could have been released August 10, 2013, only
    14 1/2 years after her conviction. The Victorian Adult Parole Board
    released a statement stating they would not release Caroline on August
    10 but rather review her case at the end of this year, and in the
    meantime work on her ongoing management plan. Rachel’s family want her
    to serve at least 18 years of her total sentence of 20 years so she can
    still be legally monitored on her release. If she were to serve her
    total prison sentence in prison she can not be legally monitored, and it
    is absolutely essential for the benefit and safety of the community
    that she is monitored on her release.

    We are asking the Adult
    Parole Board to be very careful on deciding when it is safe to release
    Caroline back into the community because her​​ sentencing judge,
    Justice Vincent, said he was concerned she may not be able to be
    rehabilitated and was concerned she may reoffend if she became fixated
    on anyone else.

  • Welldonenewscorp

    news.com.au has dug up your story once again haha. I’ve seen a few times where you guys have done an article and then they’ve essentially re-written it LOL


  • Shelly

    No one could see that this older grown adult had a single white female obsession with this young girl? This is crazy! My God, she asked Rachel to be her bff knowing she was only 12yrs old @da time and she was 17. That alone would have made me distance her from my child. Caroline clearly was unstable! For her own Mother not to notice her problems is crazy to me. I always say this “Just because your able to conceive & birth a child does not mean you should be a parent”.

  • A friend of carolines

    I shared my accomidation at DPFC with caroline and in the whole time of living with her I found her to be an absoutely beautiful person. I think she is fully rehabilitated and is more suitable and worthy of parole than most of the other girls who are given it

    • http://www.wordswithmeaning.org/ WordMean Team Member

      Thanks for sharing with us :)

    • jo

      thankyou for saying what you did I knew caroline in 1999/2000 at dpfc and I am glad she will have a chance at parole

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