PayPal Founder Announces Plan to Build Colony on Mars.

mars_indipendence_03Just months after NASA successfully landed the Mars Rover Curiosity, space Transportation Company SpaceX founder Elon Musk has come out with his idea to build a colony on Mars that would hold up to 80,000 willing residents.

Musk – who oversaw the first modern construction of the electric car and co-founded PayPal – claims to be “discussing plans” to transport humans to Mars, claiming to ferry 10 people at a time for the measly cost of $US500,000 per passenger even though there is no way to for the Red Planet to support human life at this time.

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As well as spending your millions of dollars on moving into a gigantic chamber on the dusty planet, you’d also have to remember that 1 Mars year is almost 2 Earth years (or, if you really must know, 0.19 dog years.)

Falcon_9_COTS_Demo_F1_LaunchIn other Space-related news, NASA has confirmed that the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket (pictured) to the International Space Station will be postponed from January until March 1st

Elon Musk claims he can ‘have it done’ by 2029 and that the colony would be roughly the size of Phuket. So if we decide to invest in the gigantic greenhouse then hopefully we’ll have some internet for the announcement of “WordswithMeaning! Mars Edition”

In all seriousness though, before we put humans on the planet, can we put some servers up there and some satellites to bounce Wi-Fi off of? This really would help with piracy and cloud storage. Hmm…then again, the US probably had dibs on Mars first and will forever claim ownership.

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