End of the World Is Soon? You Remember Good Ol’ Judgement Day Loony, Harold Camping?

For Realz this Time! Ahh yes, I knew a few months ago it would come to this, our most beloved coverage of Preacher Harold Camping stirs up again as we edge ever-closer to the October 21 Doomsday date. Third time lucky Harold? Best out of three perhaps? Nawehhh, you lovable old fool, you’re determined to get this right aren’t you? Bless.

Lets have a quick recap of our coverage:

1st – The Judgement Day Announcement – March 2011

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Then – Following up, where Harold refused to talk to us – April 2011

and then – as we edged closer to the predicted date, and asked for Harold’s advice on being saved from the imminent rapture, and he still wouldn’t comment

lo and behold, the day after the predicted date, with no-one visibly taken up to heaven, either we are all sinners or Harold is a crackpot, probably the latter.

and finally, Harold confirms that Judgement Day is going to be the 21st of October 2011, Wooo!


Anyway, We are told by members of his church that Harold has just recovered from a terrible stroke (God smiting him?) but all is well because he personally reminded us that Judgement Day is still going ahead, despite his condition, and that the judgement of good & evil will happen rain or shine, no more cancellations!, He’s certainly counting on his over-the-top mathematical equations this time.

When asked about why his prediction was false he responded with


“What really happened is that God accomplished exactly what He wanted to happen. That was to warn the whole world that on May 21 God’s salvation program would be finished on that day. For the next five months, except for the elect (the true believers), the whole world is under God’s final judgment. To accomplish this goal God withheld from the true believers the way in which two phrases were to be understood. Had He not done so, the world would never have been shaken in fear as it was.”

Oh!! so that makes sense, it was kinda like a fire drill, and in this case, the fire drill was to protect us from burning in the fiery pits of hell. Well well well, if he doesn’t get it right this time then I am afraid that people may start to believe he is a fucking lunatic, oh wait, already happened. Told you all he was a crack-head –  Well, I guess my prediction was right then.

Anyway Harold, I have a great verse for you, it comes from the same book that supposedly told just you and not the other hundreds of millions of people that have read it – Matthew 24:36 – No one knows about that day or hour not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son (Jesus), only the Father”

Anyway, I shall post on the 22nd of October with the details of why he got it wrong again, and I’ll make sure he lets me know the next doomsday date.

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