Embassy in London Surrounded as Julian Assange Possibly Ready to Leave.

The Wikileaks founder who is wanted for investigation of alleged sexual assault in Sweden has been hiding out in Equador’s London embassy for two years to avoid extradition to Sweden, which could see him handed over to the United States for exposing their confidential information, which the American government still persists was a serious harm to national security.


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Assange has again reminded both supporters and critics that although he is considered a fugitive by global elite, he has yet to be charged.

Responding to claims made by the mainstream media that Assange has a worsening heart condition due to his confinement he said that his decision would “not [be due to reasons such as] those reported by the Murdoch press”.

Wikileaks spokeperson Kristinn Hrafnsson said, “The plan is for him to leave as soon as the UK government decides to honour its obligations in relation to international agreements and calls off the siege outside – it’s as simple as that.”

The UK government has not commented on this development officially but it is apparent that Assange will not receive an easy safe passage with hundreds of police officers surrounding the area awaiting his departure. It’s likely that his announcement has provoked the police to attempt to arrest Assange. It’s also possible that Assange is strategically wasting the time and money of a government that has refused to let this issue disappear.

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