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Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño Meets Julian Assange in Embassy.

assange-patino-hague-breakthrough.siJulian Assange is prepared to stay holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy for five years, according to Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patiño.

This comes after the news that Britain and Ecuador failed to reach an agreement.

Ecuador has offered Assange asylum but the British government has said it would arrest him should he leave the embassy’s grounds.

The foreign secretary and Ricardo Patiño held a 45-minute meeting this morning but the British government said "no substantive progress was made" in resolving the stalemate.

However the pair did agree to establish a "working group" to find a diplomatic solution.

Patiño has stated that Assange was in "good spirits".

"I was able to say face to face to him, for the first time, that the government of Ecuador remains firmly committed to protecting his human rights and that we continue to seek cast-iron assurances to avoid any onward extradition to a third state…During the meeting we were able to speak about the increasing threats against the freedom of people to communicate and to know the truth, threats which come from certain states that have put all of humanity under suspicion."

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