Drunken Schoolies on Social Networks: Media Exaggeration or Serious Problem?



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[Photograph: A supposedly “News Limited Sourced” photograph of a ‘passed out’ partier at Schoolies in the Gold Coast]

As crappy as ever, Murdochian website news.com.au has done a story on the recent Schoolies trips taking place inside and outside of Australia.

Quick definition: Schoolies is a period of time where people go on a small holiday in either Queensland or Bali and the surrounding areas after they finish the 12 years of education.

Unsurprisingly, there are many underage drinkers (as some may have yet to hit 18), drug users and a vast selection of general drunkenness and lewd behaviour. Whilst some see this as a ‘reward’ or a bit of fun to finish off the years of educational slavery; many (of course, not all) see it as a chance to get blind drunk and have sex with casuals.

It didn’t surprise me that after searching for the “thousands” of drunken schoolies photos supposedly plastered everywhere on Instagram were unrelated, irrelevant or extremely exaggerated by the media.

The Sunday Telegraph suggests that Facebook should moderate all photographs – a process which not only isn’t practical, but would raise even more privacy paranoias than ever before. What The Telegraph is really suggesting is that Social Media corporations hire people to babysit young teens to stop them from embarrassing their families and themselves. According to The Morning Herald some teens were “too drunk” to realise they were uploading self-shot photographs of themselves without clothing. I guess it’s still possible to be “too drunk” to realise, yet not too drunk to operate a camera phone and then upload the image to a social networking site.

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  • http://twitter.com/coldnessovgrave James Osgerby

    Oh yes, those magical photo moderation fairies clearly haven’t been doing their job!