Good ol’ birther Donald Trump has (as expected) hurled an infuriated attack on Twitter after the news that Barack Obama will run a second term.

He also said Obama’s re-election was a “great and disgusting injustice”.

Trump has since deleted some of his Twitter posts, yet in the day of digital media – anything you say online will be screen captured and published forevermore.

After asking the American people to ‘stand up’ and ‘start a revolution’ he harvested media interest and consequently began to remove the dynamic evidence.

Trump has always been a forthright critic of Obama on numerous issues and if there’s anyone who can’t accept a loss – it’s him. Accept & Adapt my friend.

So what did Donald Trump remove from his Twitter page?

Read his tweets and decide for yourself: - Donald Trump's Obama Tweets (4) - Donald Trump's Obama Tweets (1) - Donald Trump's Obama Tweets (2) - Donald Trump's Obama Tweets (3)

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  • Jordan

    I like Donald Trump better when he was a Democrat and when he could think for himself.

  • James Osgerby

    u mad bro?

  • dave

    The loser one!