Disconnected From the World: Syria Vanishes From the Internet

According to Renesys, a company that monitors global Internet operations, Syria has lost its international Internet connectivity. It’s also speculated that mobile and landline networks have dropped out for many in Syria.

According to Renesys co-founder Jim Cowie, all 84 of Syria’s IP address segments have become inaccessible, practically removing the country from the Internet.

syria,2-3-362955-13All customer networks of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (the country’s primary autonomous system) are unreachable as of a few days ago.

Activists say the Syrian government has shut the Internet down whilst a Syrian government-funded TV station said terrorists had deliberately damaged all possible methods of communication.

These statements contradict various network providers’ comments that the entire country has no access to the net.

Rebels have been using the Internet as a means to communicate with each other and to inform the outside world about what has been happening in the country with the exceptional use of citizen journalism, leaks and press submission. It’s quite clear why the Government would perhaps want to prevent that.

Tearing down the internet is likely an extreme action to disrupt communications between Syria and the outside world watching, knowing and observing the conflict.

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