Coroner in Roberto Curti’s Police-Tasering Inquest Labels Officers’ Actions as “Thuggish”.

RobertoNew South Wales’ law enforcement agency has remained rather silent over the claims that the officers involved in the death of a Brazilian student Roberto Laudisio Curti who – a Sydney man who was practically tasered to death – face potential charges.

Coroner Mary Jerram branded the officers’ behaviour as “thuggish” and reportedly rejected the evidence to suggest otherwise.

The methods of using Tasers has been heavily criticised and the coroner has questioned the use of “drive-stun” mode. Drive-stun comprises of applying the Taser directly to the skin, set against discharging the device’s barbs from a distance.

We’ve heard from the enquiry (so far) that Mr. Curti died after a total of 18 officers Tasered him, used capsicum spray, handcuffs and a baton. To add to the brutality; it is known that an officer knelt on Mr Curti, causing him to have severe breathing difficulty.

After the NSW Police Inquiry claimed that Roberto Curti was armed – which was later to be unfounded – the report that he was under the influence of LSD surfaced. The coroner has acknowledged that traces of LSD were in fact present but only a small dose was ingested. It’s possible that Mr Curti was the victim of drink spiking – a practice that often occurs in Sydney night clubs.

All of the officers involved remain on active duty.

In similar news, an enquiry into a Queensland man’s death has been finalised with no disciplinary action to officers who allegedly tasered a man 39 times – contributing to his end.

The hope of Roberto Laudisio Curti and his family receiving some form of justice is still there but tragically this seems like one brutal case all for a male who was reported for  allegedly “stealing biscuits”.

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  • Disgusted NSW

    Roberto posed no threat to human life, what were the cops thinking? That he was going to aim his packet of biscuits and “fire” at them? The Judge said they were lazy, ill trained and thuggish and she was right! So when do we get a fair go for Roberto and see THEM on trial for murder? After all that’s what it was – cold blooded murder!!

    • BrazillianFeva!

      Absolutely, the website’s youtube page has all of the videos of the scene and man some of them are brutal. These police are here to protect us and yet you are better off hoping they dont arrive at times :(

  • Em

    This is an outrage!

  • Em

    Thanks for keeping us posted WordMean