Conspiracy, Coincidence or Joke? the TIME Magazine Person of the Year Leaderboard Spells “KJU GAS CHAMBERS”

Call it the work of online pranksters (*cough* 4chan *cough*) or the Illumanati but one thing is certainly for sure: Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2012 leaderboard spells “KJU GAS CHAMBERS”

The phrase, “KJU GAS CHAMBERS” presumably refers to the North Korean leaders’ covert and ruthless prison camps, where families have supposedly been gassed at the Kim Jong Un’s demand.

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Here Are the Results - Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year 2012_ - TIME - Copy

assadWhilst several methods are in fact possible to fudge the numbers, it doesn’t help that Bashar Assad – the centre of the Syrian conflict – is listed as number 11.

Time magazine has yet to investigate any possible reasons for the results, but many are calling it coincidence, conspiracy or children of the chan.

One of the candidates is E.L. James, author of the ridiculously over hyped piece of shit known as 50 Shades of Grey, as well as Hilary Clinton and Mohamed Morsi. Then again, it could be worse so kudos to Time for not including Amanda Todd or something.

It’s a people’s choice which means that a tyrant has just as good of a chance than a conqueror but it would be nice to see how this actually plays out.

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