Charles Manson Denied Parole Again.


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UPDATE JUNE 2012 – We have published the transcript here.

Infamous cult leader – and former musician, which is mentioned less-commonly – Charles Manson has been denied parole today after a California parole panel noted that he had freshly bragged to a prison psychologist saying “I am a very dangerous man.”

Manson, now 77 years old, frail but obviously still manic was denied parole for the 12th time. Today could have been Manson’s last chance for freedom as the California Department of Corrections has set Manson’s next hearing for 2027. Manson would be 92 by then and more-than -likely dead. It’s a shame that all of the resources and tax payer money is going towards giving people like him a second chance – at his age, would it not be better to retire him to a mental health facility? He is, after all, a psychopath in many eyes and would surely qualify for transfer to a Mental Health Centre for the Criminally Insane.

It’s worth mentioning though that Charles Manson did not in fact murder anyone in a technical aspect. He was convicted of joint-responsibility murder. He was found guilty of the scheme to commit the Tate/LaBianca (linked to Wikipedia) killings that were in fact carried out by followers of his cult at his demands.

John Peck, a member of the panel that met today read aloud some remarks Manson had recently said to one of the prison psychologists.

“I’m special. I’m not like the average inmate,” Peck read. “I have spent my life in prison. I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man.”

“This panel agrees with that statement,” Peck said. Manson predictably did not attend the hearing. “He has not shown up for several of his latest hearings, since 1997,” California Department of Corrections spokesperson Luis Patino told the press before the hearing began. “He told his counsellor that he did not plan on attending.”

Those present for the hearing included a commissioner, deputy commissioner, attorneys for both sides and family members of Manson’s victims.

Debra Tate, the sister of murdered actress Sharon Tate, appeared at the hearing. Attorneys from both sides were expected to give presentations and read any documents by victims’ relatives or other interested parties. They also went over Manson’s prison records. The officials went into closed negotiations before declaring their decision.

The transcription of the parole hearing will be released to the public within the next 30 days – we will publish it on WordswithMeaning! Research when we get our hands on it.

Manson’s attorney, DeJon R. Lewis, said he would have liked to see Manson transferred to Atascadero State Hospital from the state prison near Corcoran. “Charles Manson does not need incarceration at this point in his life,” stated. “He needs hospitalization.”

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  • Dolegag

    What are they going to do when he can’t even eat spaghetti yet he is “too dangerous” 

    • Brendan

      He can still persuade people to act as his proxy killers.

      • FreeManson

        Yes but I can convince people to do stupid things too. Let’s all look at religious preachers and the shit they convince people to do with their “motive” and “justifications”

  • Christopher Kidwell

    Not surprised about this, to be blunt. Charles Manson has never said that he feels guilty about killing these people. Even if he couldn’t lift a spoon, I would still be a little….. reticent to trust releasing him, because murderers usually DO murder more than once, especially religious motivated ones.

    • Skyrim

       The man has no remorse. He convinced people to murder, and therefore he can convince people he is healthier and a changed person.

    • Brendan

      The Tate-La Bianca murders demonstrated that Manson didn’t need to lift a spoon (or, rather, a knife) to kill anyone. He used other people as weapons to kill in his proxy, and he seems every bit as capable of doing so today as he was in 1969. Manson is still a threat, and he still requires incarceration.