Bill Gates Involved in New Microsoft CEO’s Transition.

Bill Gates wearing funny hats and props - your argument is invalidNot there to rescue Microsoft or to bring it ‘back’ to glory; co-founder Bill Gates is set to shake things up as a product and technology adviser to Satya Nadella, the successor to Steve Ballmer who announced his step-back in August of 2013.

Those who assume that Microsoft is a failing workhorse and that the company needs saving against competition such as Apple, Inc. would be incorrect in doing so as the company reported a 17% profit increase in 2013 despite the Windows 8 and 8.1 dilemmas that theoretically caused them to perform a little less than ordinary.

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Gates, who in 1990 told the world that computers wouldn’t be easily ‘figured out’ by people until later down the line when they’d become the standard medium to gain information and use for day-to-day activities, was certainly accurate.

Microsoft released a video of Gates on YouTube claiming he’s happy to be involved in the next set of products.

In no way was he always a God to the computing industry like some people claim he and Steve Jobs were, Bill Gates’ input on Microsoft throughout 2014 is certainly going to be interesting.

Bill Gates will continue to do his philanthropy work with his wife Melinda and their organisation “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” and will carry on to pioneer the world’s issues on diseases, contraception and recycling.

Windows Nine anybody? preferably a slight improvement over Windows 7? That way we can just pretend that there was no Win8.

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  • tforge88

    Windows 8 is like Vista; really shit.