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As founder and editor-in-chief, Cask J. Thomson has exhausted his life as a graphics designer, political activist, freedom of speech advocate, anti-censorship promoter and a published author of several computer science books and a graphic novel. As well as running the publishing company linked to WordMean, Cask has several aspirations as a musician, producer and journalist. Thomson was born in the United Kingdom and currently resides between Sydney, Australia and Alicante, Spain.

Australia Resorts to Guilt and Threats Against Indonesia, Attempting to Spare Bali Nine Members From Execution..

For several weeks now the Australian government and media have constantly barraged headlines with opposition to the execution of two members of the Bali Nine, a group of convicted drug smugglers. Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. The two were a part of ni ...

Gamblers, Transgenders, Voyeurs and People With Fetishes May Be Unable to Hold Driver’s Licence in Russia in Effort to Crack Down on Road Accidents..

It’s a move that will surely raise criticism and controversy within the country but more so outside of it. The Russian government has released a legislative document which outlines a revised set of medical controls for drivers in an effort to cut do ...

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