Australia; Where the Catholic Church Is Immune to Compensating the Victims of Sexual Abuse.


Criticism is aplenty on the legal status of the Catholic Church and how the multi-million dollar religious organisation manages to avoid being sued by victims of abuse due to its position under Australian organisation laws.
It was previously declared that the Church could not be held rightfully responsible for abuse cases because the Church does not in fact exist as a legal entity. It has also been found that the Catholic Church cannot be liable for the actions of priests and internal staff members.

Andrew Morrison of the Australian Lawyers Alliance has provided us with the clarifications that the Anglican Church, Uniting Church, the Salvation Army and various other religious organisations can be sued for disregard or wrongdoing; but the Roman Catholic Church is virtually immune to such responsibilities.

He states that the Catholic Church in Australia is commendably insusceptible to legal battles involving the victims of sexual abuse.

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In another harsh technicality, the Catholic Church has claimed that they do not employ their priests and therefore they should not be held responsible for their actions. However, when it comes to the accusations of cover-ups and knowledge of such abuses; they remain silent.

Our good friend Nicola Roxon has once again caught our attention for her ridiculous stance towards the Catholic Church after hundreds of males and females have come forward with the claim of sexual abuse.

Whilst Nicola Roxon tip-toed around a report released by the Australian authorities involved, it’s undeniable that The Ellis Defence is a legal trifle used by the Catholic Church to nullify its financial concerns for the countless abuses enacted by its clergy.

I now have a reasonable enough response to my question “Why do the Catholics oppose contraception?” They can’t risk any possible shortages of young children to abuse, traumatise and expose to their perverted ways.

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