Australia to Share Cost of Housing US Marines Force; PM Backing Military Over Asylum Seekers

Election-20130823154312322431-600x400Australia will be sharing the cost of housing a 2500+ man US marines force near Darwin.

Earlier this month PM Tony Abbott confirmed that an infrastructure would be built to accommodate over 1100 marines in Northern Australia by the end of next year

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"That does mean providing the necessary infrastructure on the ground to enable the rotation to be of benefit to us, of benefit to the marines and of benefit to the region – We will make this work for the benefit of our country and for the benefit of the wider world."

In April, a US congressional committee was told infrastructure costing about $1.6 billion would have to be built in northern Australia to accommodate the marines. The committee said Australia should share the cost.

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Frasier has stated that the stationing of US troops in the NT is "a major and significant mistake".

"If we have been a compliant ally of a virtually defeated super-power would we not be regarded as a prize – a prize to be taken?"

62015_widenative-408x264Mr Fraser also argues that Australia’s decisions to welcome US troops with open arms and to bore the idea of US surveillance drones in the Cocos Islands were part of an attempt to contain China martially.

After vigorously boasting that he will prevent and stop all asylum seekers from seeking refuge in Australia, Tony Abbott has vowed to ‘empty’ the detention centres in Darwin with some suggesting that freeing up these facilities would allow for better resources for the incoming marines.

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