Anonymous Promises Grand Bonfire, Delivers a Pile of Glow Sticks.

AnonProtest 5th NovemberWhilst we usually tend to support Anonymous, hacktivism and general cyber-anarchy – we weren’t impressed with the #OpNov5 hacking spree that supposedly managed to take down PayPal and Symantec.

If you’ve read our blog post you’ll understand why we’re a bit annoyed about this bonfire attempt hack fest with our own servers being targeted – dedicated servers that have no link to any capitalist or ‘opposing’ website. We discounted this as a friendly fire, an own goal so to speak, but proof that taking down a batch of servers will also take the people on your side down too.

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It was reported earlier this week that hacktivists had published various details relating to the accounts. Alongside Symantec, Image Shack was apparently a victim of the script kiddies’ motivations.

A hacking crew known as Hack the Planet (HTP) claimed the suspected hack on Image Shack allowed it to extract system files and other information. Meanwhile, HTP also claimed the alleged Symantec breach resulted in a database dump of 3000+ user account details.

A number of websites in Australia were defaced, with hippy festival website “Ascension Australia” and the Quality Lifestyle Alliance site – which is not an Australian government ensemble as elements of Anonymous falsely claimed.

As of this writing – the corporations involved claim to be investigating the alleged hackings but so far it isn’t too evident that anything significant has been leaked or destroyed.

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