• Simoon

    What do you think about the Acceptable Ads initiative of Adblock Plus? http://adblockplus.org/en/acceptable-ads

    • http://www.wordswithmeaning.org/ WordMeanTeam

       Well providing that people agree to use it, then yes it is a good idea. What we think of it exactly? Well if it means not blocking the ads that either direct you to a non-profit organization or even if features weren’t flagged as ads. We have reported false-flagging to AdBlock numerous times (the sliders on the site have been playing up with AdBlock on) and we have yet to hear anything back!
      But hey, like the author said – it’s not about generating big bucks, it’s about finding a way to break even without having to force revenue-making schemes upon readers.

      – Site admin

  • Jollibee

    Users sometimes use Ad Blocking to enhance privacy. As using it blocks third parties.

    Thus I recommend Tor ( https://www.torproject.org/ ) to those people to view your site.

    Using this, I can still see the ads but I have no worries as I am not tracked.

    Using Tor Browser Bundle, I’m not tracked because data (including ads) is relayed from computer to computer.

    • Android

      Absolutely! The site uses HTTPS now which is awesome, but if anyone is truly concerned then the site should promote TOR because they do support the TOR community heavily!!

      • http://www.wordswithmeaning.org/ WordMeanTeam

         @5f497781d00834233b43a013af1d60c8:disqus and @bb3f37bcf0a69da795d3d45d3f867edc:disqus  – duly noted, We will be promoting Tor within the next day or so with small link on the header of the home page.

  • Mark01

    Agree with the above comments – this post isn’t JUST about wordmean, but the site does embrace anonymity and even in the footer it says they don’t mind about fake email addresses and stuff so Tor is a sure fire hit, that’s why I love the site

  • Ralf


    I see your concern but I prefer to keep the Adblock running and click once to donate a couple of bucks. So that’s why I am asking if it wouldn’t make more sense to add a donate button when the Adblock is recognized?


    • Mark0

      I think it’s because people don’t donate via mobile phone or other methods. The website for some reason was banned from PayPal because it apparently is against their guidelines (lol obviously because they criticised PayPal so heavily for their views on Wikileaks)

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